7 Best Bed Frames for Heavy Person 2020 Consumer Reports

When it comes to foundations for heavy individuals, it’s in different designs, colors, and sizes. For instance, the slatted, which doesn’t have a specific number of feet or slats. However, the more they are, the better; as they’ll provide maximum support preventing cases of the sagging in the middle part of the mattress.

When selecting the ideal bed frame for a heavy person, the bed frame needs to have metal railings, sturdy structure, and multiple legs. However, with the market flooded with so many bed frames to choose from, getting the best one may prove to be cumbersome and time-consuming. The list below consists of seven of the best bed frames for a heavy person that you can choose from.

Top 7 Bed Frames for Heavy Person in 2020


When it comes to the Zinus 14-Inch SmartBase Mattress Foundation, it’s the best all-around heavy-duty frame. The frame is capable of supporting a weight capacity of up to 2,400 pounds. Its shipment is through a compact packaging made possible by its foldable design, which also gives the frame an easy assembling process. The Zinus SmartBase bed frame comes with a sound construction as it’s made from steel.

With the slats from the bed frame, the product makes it practically impossible to have sags on your mattress, which takes away the need of having a box spring. The product is ideal for a memory foam mattress, or any other mattress that requires a flat surface under it. The product is capable of delivering noise-free motion while changing position, offering support without your mattress having to sag.

The bed frame comes with five years warranty period; it doesn’t require tools for the assembling process.


The Knickerbocker Embrace Bed Frame is among the safest bed frames in the market, as they don’t have sharp corners. The bed frame has a soft touch because; of its construction with polymer resin. The product comes with an easy assembly and disassembly process that can take up to five minutes for the processes to be complete.

With its polymer resin construction, the foundation is friendly on any floor; it’s capable of supporting 2000 pounds. You can also add a headboard on the bed frame; even though the frame is lightweight, it’s exceptionally sturdy. The product does not produce a creak or squeak sound when you’re rolling on it, which is among the best features the bed frame has.


Are you looking for the best budget pick bed frame for a heavy person, then the Sleeplace SVC14BF01Q is the ideal choice. The Sleeplace SVC14BF01Q bed frame contains dura comfort, which distributes weight across the bed frame equally, preventing weight being concentrated on one area. The bed frame doesn’t require a box spring; its side legs can be pushed inwards by 1.5inch to offer additional protection.

The product has a height of 14 inches, which offer an excellent under bed storage. The foundation also contains multiple slats that run horizontally and vertically, which provide maximum support. The bed frame has in-tune designs that go in-line with modern frames available in the market.

Most users recommend the product of having an easy assembly process, its dura metal construction and portability. It’s able to accommodate a weight capacity of 1,200 pounds; it can support memory foam, latex, spring, and hybrid mattresses.


The Modway Horizon Full Bed Frame is among the most stylish bed frames in the market. Its frame is foldable, which allows an easy and tool-free assembly; it also doesn’t require a large packaging. The foundation can hold up to 1,300 pounds, which may make it not the best for a heavy person as other foundations can hold more weight.

The foundation comes with a stainless-steel construction that makes it quite sturdy; its frame is exceptional in providing support to different mattresses. The bed frame is particularly modern in its design, with no protruding parts. The bed frame is available in nine different colors, which enables you to choose one that suits your interior décor.

The bed frame is 14 inches from the ground, which gives you adequate room for storage underneath the frame.


When it comes to Classic Brands Hercules bed frame for heavy person, it’s known for its durability and stability. This is despite its lightweight feature, the frame ships weighing 24 pounds in a packaging similar to suitcase size. When the product is assembled, it sits on the floor having twelve points of contact, which stops it from moving around.

The foundation can support a weight of 1,000 pounds that is evenly distributed. It’s also available in different sizes that is from Twin to California King size. The bed frame is ideal for individuals who don’t want to hear a squeaking or creaking sound while moving.

Not to forget, it’s also ideal for a heavier individual looking to prevent his/her mattress from sagging. Its 14 inches height from the floor provides under-bed storage space.


If you’re searching for a foundation that has the most effortless assembling process, then the Mantua’s Premium Platform Bed Base is what you need. The product has a sturdy foundation, which eliminates the need for a box spring. You can be able to utilize the Mantua’s Premium Platform Bed Base by itself, or by placing it inside an existing bed frame for additional support.

Assembling of the product doesn’t require the use of tools, as it has a straightforward fold-out design. Its base holds a weight of 1,000 pounds. Most review the bed frame to have an easy assembling process, and it’s noise-free. The foundation is lightweight, making itself fall under portable units. Lastly, its 14 inches height gives the user under-bed storage space.


Another excellent choice of bed frames for heavy persons is the Olee Sleep T-3000 bed frame, with stainless steel construction. The product has 8 inches as the distance between slats, which provide maximum support to deluxe mattresses and individuals weighing up to 2,000 pounds. The frame of the foundation weighs 52 pounds and above depending on the frame’s size, which gives the frame easy movement.

The bed frame comes with several slats that prevent the mattress from sagging; thus providing more comfort to the sleeper. The bed frame is noise-free as is doesn’t produce any creaking or squeaking sound. It also has 18 inches high as its floor clearance for maximum under-bed storage space.

Final thoughts

With the above list, choosing the best bed frame for heavy person can be much easier and faster. While looking at which bed frame is ideal, be sure to check its overall construction, material, the type of mattress it can accommodate, and its weight limits. Getting the right bed frame is essential as it guarantees a peaceful night sleep, hence, making you wake up, ready for your daily routine.